Top 100 Global Thinkers

The FP Survey: The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd“, Foreign Policy, Special Edition, December 2009. p. 26

This article lists the top 100 Global Thinkers and I’m happy to see some of my favorites were listed:

#8 General David Petraeus
#19 Malcolm Gladwell
#21 Thomas Friedman
#25 Joseph Stiglitz
#44 David Kilcullen
#55 Henry Kissinger
#56 Niall Ferguson
#65 Francis Fukuyama
#66 The Kagan Family (Donald, Robert, Frederick, and Kimberly)
#81 John Arquilla
#82 Peter W. Singer

Some missing, in my opinion: Thomas P. M. Barnett, John Nagl, Greg Mortenson. Admittedly this survey was for 2009 so I can accept that the contributions made by those left off the list were made in previous years.

And just for completeness, here is the global thinkers book club.

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