Thank You Notes Are Always Appreciated

I was reminded today of how thankful I am to be associated such fine people who appreciate my efforts and lend me their support. When I was installed as President of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), I broke with tradition and hopefully started a new tradition. Instead given small gifts to everyone at my installation, my state engineering society, the Mississippi Engineering Society (MES), agreed to make donations to two charities of my choosing that have special meaning to me. I selected the Steinman Council (for education) with NSPE and the United States Naval institute (USNI).

Today I received a very nice thank you note from the USNI. Vice Admiral Peter Daly thanked me for my support to USNI (22 year member and Life Member) and for the donation. After a brief message exchange on LinkedIn with Vice Admiral Jim Stavridis, I asked that my contribution go towards the USNI’s essay contests. Writing has always been important to me and the debates which take place within the publications of the USNI have furthered the mission of the Navy and enhanced the security of the nation.

I feel honored with the contribution and support from MES and pleased that the contribution will continue to make a difference in the world.

Thank you MES and thank you USNI. Both have contributed to my being who I am today.

USNI Thank You Note sm.jpg

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