Caldera Resigns, Obama Fails

“Aide Quits Over New York Flyover”, by. Christopher Conkey, Wall Street Journal, V. CCLIII, N. 108, Saturday/Sunday 09-10 May 2009, p. A-3.

The “panic” in New York by a low flying aircraft has caused White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera to resign. I understand his desire to take the heat for the administration but president Obama should not have accepted it. In the grand scheme of things this was a minor incident and Obama should have said enough is enough. Instead he has not sent a message that if you make a mistake it is your head he wants. Better to accept resignations than to face up to the press and tell them calm down.

It also makes me glad I don’t live in New York. What happened to the heroic action we saw just a few years ago? New York needs them back.

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