Apple’s AirPods Are Great for the Office

A few months ago, I broke down and bought a pair of Apple’s AirPods. Previously I had been using my Bose QC35 headphones which are great but, at work, they are bit awkward. On the plane the QC35’s are great at blocking the noise as well as making a rather overt statement that “I am an introvert—leave me alone!” At work, I do not want to give a necessarily strong appearance that I don’t want to be bothered since part of my job is actually being bothered. The other issue is that the QC35’s worked too well at work and I couldn’t always tell when someone was talking to me. The AirPods are a nice compromise.

The AirPods have a great sound quality, especially for what they are, are relatively non-obtrusive, and the even have pretty good range. Many times, I am able to walk from my iMac in my office to the copy room and never lose the connection. The other benefit is that they are incredibly small which makes them easier to carry around than my QC35’s.

I ran across Apple’s Airpods Are an Omenon Medium and think it captures my thoughts well. Check it out.

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