Adopt-A-Family 2010

My annual task on the church Local and Global Missions Committee for the last two years has been to coordinate our Adopt-A-Family program. The Starkville United Way administers the program but local groups adopt families and then provide them with Christmas gifts. This year, like last, we adopted five families.

Each year I am amazed at the generosity of the members of First Presbyterian Church. Our five families, combined with two church members we help, yielded a total of thirty-two individuals who needed Christmas Gifts. Our members provided everything from bicycles to coats, from toy tractors to footballs. They included games and gift cards. We also used some committee funds to provide some food items.

Part of what I do is arrange for people to deliver the gifts to the families. There are always many gifts for each family so delivering the gifts is no easy undertaking. The pictures below are of the gifts after they have been sorted by family. I am very appreciative of each person who delivers the gifts but I always get thanked by those who make the deliveries.


This is a worthy mission and I am glad that our church can make Christmas a little bit better for these people.


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