Memorial Day Service

The Greater Starkville Development Partnership Memorial Day Service went very well today. It took a little while to get the sound ysem working (a problem when you only do it once a year) but then it went well.

The keynote speaker was Colonel Gary E. Huffman, Mississippi Army National Guard, Rear Detachment Commander, 155th Brigade Combat Team. He did a nice job and shared a sentiment I have often shared with others. Heroes are the ones who pick up a weapon and fight the enemy; heroes are not football players, movie stars, or politicians.

The rain held off for the most part until near the end when we were laying wreaths at the monument. I rushed thingsalongas much as I could to try and get everyone out as soon as possible. Of course,a few minutes later the rain stopped.

Many thanks to those on the Military Affaris Committee and the GSDP who made this possible.

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