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I have often wondered about how and why people continue to listen to certain news sources, but now I have to question why Fox News is even on the air. Former president Trump has corrupted the minds f so many people that it is distressing. First we have Kelly Anne Conway and friends talk about “alternate facts”. I’ll admit, I never trusted Trump and if there was a smidgeon of respect I had for him—and I’m not sure there ever was any—it was lost in his famous comment about grabbing women by certain parts. 

Fox News, and yes to a large extent many other news channels, have become less about news and more about entertainment. There may be a little news scattered throughout the day, but most of the news day is spent with talking heads yelling at each other. I like to see a good debate between intelligent people with differing points of view, but it seems news channels, and especially Fox News, has not so intelligent people merely yelling at each other.

But okay. The reality is that we all have our biases. We see the world through our own lens, we listen to what we tend to agree with, and we watch those who tend to belie like we do. As long those biases are noted, then you can somewhat find you way through the noise and perhaps, just perhaps, get to the truth. But Fox News? Not so much.

The recent documents that were discovered in the Dominion Voting Systems suit against Fox News tells me that you can’t, and therefore shouldn’t, trust anything they have to say. As reported by CNN, the news anchors knew that the guests they had on air were lying about voter fraud, yet never called them out on it. Not only did they not call out their guests, they endorsed, repeated, and agreed with what they were saying despite knowing, or at the very least believing, the comments to be be false.

There may not be much ethical behavior left in journalism these days, but to actually say things you believe to be false seems to cross even a low ethics bar. The question now is how can you trust any of the news reporters on Fox News? And yes, I realize that this very same behavior could, and may, happen on other news channels, to date documents clearly reflecting so have not been produced. You may not trust CNN, MSNBC, or any other news channel and that is fine. But if you are continuing to view Fox News then you really have no room to talk.

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