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This morning I was sitting in a Starbucks when some very loud guys came in. They sat and talked, talking loudly enough that I was not eavesdropping; I was trying not to hear them. One of the guys said "the government is not going to tell me what I can and can't do." I couldn't help but wonder if this guy attended school, drove a car, or even listened to what he said.

Of course the government tells him what he and can't do. He was required to attend school, he is told how fast he can drive, and he is told how much he has to pay in taxes. Sure, he can drive his own car but it has safety and fuel efficiency standards mandated by the government. In his state he can not drive with a radar detector. He was sitting in a Starbucks drinking coffee that was imported under governmental controls. He even paid a tax to the government , even if he didn't want to, when he bought the coffee.

Finally, he and his friends stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, yet something else manufactured under government regulation with sales restricted by the government.

Citizens really do need to have a better understanding of public policy and how it impacts their lives. They also need to be a wee bit quieter in public places, and engaging your brain before speaking is also advisable.

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