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The Problem with Gloating

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Two years ago when Obama won the presidential election, there was a little gloating on behalf of the Democrats. After far too much talk of "Hope" and "Change" the Democrats took the election of Obama to mean the American people had turned a corner and had shifted far to the left. They pursued policies that, in my opinion, were far too liberal and not supported by the populace. When it came time to elect leaders they opted to pick those from the far left, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid. I think even most of my Democrat friends would agree that these two were from the left of the party.

The Democrats were wrong two years ago. The country had not turned a corner and moved to the far left. They essentially remained in the center and drifted left just a little bit. This misinterpretation is what hurt them last night. Had they installed leaders who were a little less extreme, who were a little more centrist, who were, well, a little more like the country, they would likely still control the House and have more a majority in the Senate than they do now. They set themselves for the 2010 elections to be about Pelosi, and to an extent, about Reid.

It will serve the Republicans well to learn this lesson from history and recognize that, in my opinion, the country has not taken a sharp turn to the right, they have simply moved slightly to the right of the center line. If they can empower leaders who are more centrist, then they should be able to get legislation passed and be able to take credit for their successes in 2012.

Bias in News Reporting

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Reading today's Washington Post about election coverage and the op-ed pages irritated me a little. I recognize there is bias in reporting the news and I sinply do buy in to the idea on unbiased reporters. We all have biases and can only try to overcome them. My reading today prompted this letter to the Ombudsman at the Washington Post.

As I read the 03 November 2010 edition I was struck by the contradictions and the apparent bias on the Washington Post.

I read Dana Milbank's op-ed titled "Crowing at Fox News" in spite of the fact that headline really turned me off. As I read it I came to the conclusion that he has a very unhealthy fascination with Fox News. He seems to imply that Fox News reports with a bias while other news organizations do not.

A few articles later I ran across Shailagh Murray's article headlined "Democrats keep majority, but GOP shifts landscape." I have to admit that the selection of that headline seems to demonstrate a bias of the editors of the Washington Post. The news last night, my dear Washington Post, was that something DID change, not that something did not. The news was not that the Democrats keep a majority; the news was that the Democrats lost the majority, by a lot, in the House. Admittedly the content of the paper clearly points that out but the headline certainly indicates to me that there was a desire to shift focus from the Republican's gain.

I don't mind bias in the news reporting. Personally I have yet to read or meet a reporter that is not biased. As long I know that bias I can apply the appropriate filter. I know Fox leans right; I know the Post leans left; I know CNN leans left; I know MSNBC is, well, not to be taken seriously. What bothers me is for the Post to accuse others of being biased while implying that they are not.

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