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I am glad we pulled this one off. We needed to beat a team like Kentucky and this was one where both teams worked hard. There was only one call where I'm not sure the official got it right and it was in favor of MSU. All-in-all officiating here seems to have been better than in the past.

There is talk of being bowl eligible and that is nice to hear. If it comes to be all the better, but right now it is refreshing to simply hear the talk.

I follow SEC football and go to pretty much every Mississippi State home game, so I've seen some bad officiating in my time. Heck, the SEC invented bad officiating. But I have to admit that the team officiating at the Mississippi State vs. Houston game is the all-time worst I have ever seen. The number of missed calls is too high to count. These folks have apparently never seen holding they had a problem with except for the time we did it. I knew it was bad when these fine men who are unbiased and alert to what is happening in the game had to go up to the booth for a review to determine what down it was! Yes, friends, they lost count of what down it was. Houston was about to get a fifth down until the crowd started yelling at which time the refs reviewed the play.

When this officiating crew left the field at the end of the game they were booed by the fans. That is a first for me. We've had bad officials and we have not liked some of the calls, but these guys had so many that they were booed when they left the field. I wish they had on the shows after the game and explain why they made or didn't make certain calls much like the coaches have to. I think at the very least the coaches should be allowed to comment about the impact bad officiating had on the game.

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