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Beer at LSU?

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ARTICLE: Team-Color Bud Cans Leave Colleges Flat, Wall Street Journal V. CCLIV, No. 44, Friday, 21 August 2009

At LSU, the Bud Light campaign has received mixed reactions from students. The campus newspaper, the Daily Reveille, ran an editorial calling the approach "a slick profiting scheme" that could tarnish the reputation of the school if students misbehave "when they hold a LSU colored beer in their hands."

Do they really drink beer at LSU?

ACT Scores are a Concern

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ARTICLE: ACT College Test Scores Reflect Failings, Wall Street Journal, Vol. CCLIV, No. 42, Wednesday, 19 August 2009, p. A3

Observers said the report is likely to intensify calls for Congress to stree high-school improvement when it debates reauthorization of the federal No Child Left Behind law, perhaps as early as this year. Passed in 2001, the law's primary emphasis so far has been on boosting achievement in the lower grades.

I can only hope so. My observations are that many high schools are simply not doing their jobs. I continue to deal with some students who are incapable of writing the simplest of paragraphs and their critical thinking skills are non-existent. I also deal with many students who are accomplished at writing and have very keen minds, so, I know it can be done.

According to the article, only 28 percent of students are ready for college biology. Only 42 percent are ready for college algebra and I'm one who thinks college algebra should not even be taught in college. After all, is algebra not a high school subject? Other numbers reported: 67 percent are ready for English (really?), 53 percent for reading, and overall, 23 percent are ready for college.

Bottom line is that teachers need to do their jobs and part of that job is to actually fail those students who do not achieve the requisite skills. Instead of worrying about Johnny's self-esteem let's worry about his ability to function in a demanding, highly technical, global economy. If we can do that I suspect the self-esteem thing will take care of itself.

That seems to be a question many are asking and I think it is ridiculous that we are even discussing such a thing. Of course, the President of the United States of America should be able to address our nation's schoolchildren. I do believe that he should not be able to require any school to take time out of the school day for such an address or even require that his address be aired. But, in all fairness, I'm not aware that he is even asking for such a thing.

My reasoning is simple on this issue. The President is the President. I'm one of those strange guys who actually has read the Constitution and believes in its principles. One of those is that the people elect a President and once elected he is the President. It matters not whether you voted for him or not, he is the President and as such has the Bully pulpit as President Roosevelt called it.

The question I have not heard asked, and it may well have been asked by some, is whether the Republicans should be able to have a response under the fairness doctrine. I think not. And I say that as a republican. When the President is speaking as the President, I do not think the fairness doctrine should come into play, and that includes the radio addresses. That is not to say that the Republicans, or any other party, should not be heard, just that it should be done under the fairness doctrine.

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