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New Student Convocation

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Tonight was out annual new student convocation hosted by the Engineering Student Council. This year we were also fortunate to have Southern Company sponsor the event. It looks like we had somewhere over 250 new freshmen and transfer students attend which is one of the largest crowds we have had in a while. We had it in the newly renovated Simrall auditorium.


I spoke to the students a little about their responsibilities in living up to the trust put in them by those funding their educations, specifically the tax payers. We also encouraged them to join and become active in student organizations and gave them a chance to meet with those organizations.


Bravo Zulu to the Engineering Student Council for all the hard work they put in to organizing and executing this event!

Aviation History

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I attended a meeting today of a group from the local heritage museum interested in organizing an event that will commemorate the role played by Starkville and Mississippi State in aviation. It may not seem likely but there is a rich aviation history in the area ranging from the training of pilots for World War II to world-class research conducted at the university. This event will trace this history and also, I hope, point to the future and work going on now.

In conjunction with this we will also honor our World War II veterans as we celebrate the anniversary of the end of that war--a war in which aviation played a key role.

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