Thanksgiving Day with Family

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My wife, daughter, and I spent the day visiting my parents and grandmother. My great Aunt and some cousins were there as well. I enjoyed the visit but I do not like the trip. It is not that long but it is incredibly boring. I do not know how a road could possibly go through country that had any less interesting things to see.

I did get to see my grandmother who has been moved into a personal care home. She is not very happy there from talking to her but she is making the best of it. My daughter and I took her over to her house for a while and helped her get a few things she wanted to take back with her. As we were going through things she was trying to give us some things. She wanted me to have one of my grandfather's wallets and I was just not ready to take it. It has been almost six years my grandfather died and I am still not ready to take any of his things. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think about him in some form or fashion.

I did take one item though, mainly because it was not really his. After my grandfather died, one of his nieces had him listed in the World War II Memorial register. My grandmother gave me the certificate she received. I need to have him listed with the Navy Memorial as well. My grandfather meant a lot to me and helped me become who I am today. I am happy my daughter got to know him fairly well before he died.


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