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WSJ 27-28 October 2007, p. A1

So is this where public science education has brought us? The Wall Street Journal discussed two children who were struck by lightning while inside playing video games. What part of lightning and electronics were these poor souls not taught? Obviously there are simply not enough qualified science teachers to give our youth the basics of a science education so that they can figure this out for themselves. And even more unfortunate, I am certain none of them are reading the Wall Street Journal, if they are reading anything at all.

USS Constitution

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By an amazing coincidence, I have to have the same birthday as the U S Navy, albeit the US Navy is a couple of years older. A while back I purchased a US Navy Jack from the US Navy Memorial in Washington, DC and it came with a certificate indicating it had been flown over the US Navy Memorial. Well I have always had a thing for the USS Constitution so I sent this very Jack to the USS Constitution and asked that it be flown over “Old Ironsides”. It was I got the certificate (and Jack) returned the other day.

Pretty good birthday present in my opinion. So, wondering what ot get the person who has everything? Give this a try.

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