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I just got this picture for the Director of the Shackouls Honors College. Pictured is Representative Lee Hamilton autographing my 9/11 Commission book (the person on the left is Mike McGrevey, our Chief of Staff). He also signed my Iraq Study Group report.


As I said in my previous post, if more pople, both Democrat and Republican alike, could discuss issues in the manner of Rep. Hamilton, we would make much more progress in politics and public policy. The truth is there really is more gray in the world than there is black and white, yet most people tend to aruge politics as if there are only black and white.

Representative Lee Hamilton visited campus tonight and gave the inaugural Lamar Conerly Honors Lecture Series. The event was held in the recently renovated Lee Hall Auditorium.

Hamilton, former US House of Representatives member from Indiana, and co-chairman of the Iraq Study Group and vice-chair of the 9/11 Commission delivered an excellent talk entitled “A Balanced View of American Power”. He made some interesting points about the use of American power in the world and said the goals of the Bush Administration were appropriate. I can’t say he agreed with the methods employed in Iraq however.

One point he made is that the US should intervene at he appropriate time but he did not say what time was the appropriate time. Before the 9/11 the World Trade Towers had been attacked twice, we had the bombing in Beirut, we had the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen, and others. In retrospect it is easy to see the connections but the problem was seeing them at the time. Was the appropriate time after the first attack on the WTC or after the USS Cole? It is a tough question but it is also an important question.

At the reception following I was able to get both my 9/11 Commission Report and my Iraq Study Group books signed.

I also have to admit that the questions asked by our students were also excellent. This was a great experience and I only wish more students could have been there to hear what was said.

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