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I had a very good meeting/presentation with teachers from the Jackson, MS area. This was one of our periodic meetings with educators in the area to share information with them on the Bagley College and Mississippi State University, and for us to hear what they have to say.

The venue was the University Club and it was a pretty good set up. Donna, my assistant, did an outstanding job, as usual. She has spoiled me because everything she does is spot on. Any glitches I ever run into are the result of someone changing something she has set up. Tonight it was the sound system and my failure to check out everything completely. Donna had it all set up to plug sound into my computer and I tested it when I first arrived. Everything worked. The only problem was that there was music (musak) playing when I tested my laptop. Of course when I got up to speak after eating I asked to have the music turned down. Apparently the guy at the club turned down the master volume so there was nothing I could do.

It was good to talk to the teachers too. Nice to get their input on what the students are thinking, things we could do better, and things we think they could help with. I also enjoy hearing about their good students and what plans they have.

Tomorrow we meet with students at Murrah High School then go to a meeting of the Mississippi Engineering Deans. Those meetings are always interesting in that they allow us to informally talk to each other, discuss issues, and find ways to collaborate.

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