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Dateline: Home Study

I received my iPod today, the 80Gb video version in black. I regrettably gave up on my Dell Digital Jukebox and went over to the iPod. The reasons were several. Dell no longer sells the Digital Jukebox and there are dozens of other mp3 players out there. I wonder how long I could expect the other brands to survive. But Apple seems to have gottin it right. The Dell DJ was heavy and bulky, but functional. The iPod is just as functional, smaller, and lighter.

I've switced over from MusicMatch to iTunes and am getting more familiar with the iTunes interface. iTunes also has some of the tunes I want but have not been able to find on MusicMatch. I also like the business model of iTunes--the software is free and you only pay for the songs. MusicMatch charged if you wanted the more functional version of the software, charged for upgrades, and charged for the songs.

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