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Discover:MSU was held Saturday and I thought was a pretty good event. The crowd seemed a little smaller to me which I think is supported by the game attendance of 39,000. It is always some work for the departments to make this happen, and engineering certainly puts a lot in the event, but I think it is worth the effort.

Tonight the Greater Starkville Development Partnership held a reception for dignitaries from the Columbus Air Force Base. The event was done in conjunction with the Military Affairs Committee which I co-chair.

The reception was the culmination of an afternoon of tours of the city, county , and university, showing what Starkville has to offer those stationed on the base. The reception gave everyone some time to talk and ge to know each other a little better.

Success of events like this are always difficult to gauge becasue the benefits are long-term. But, if I had to make a guess, my thinking is that it was a successful event and both Starkville and the CAFB will reap benefits in the future.


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I met with MSU officials and the Solar Car team from Houston Vocational Center this morning as we had discussions on what we could do to continue to help this team excel. The team has been participating in the Dell Winston Solar Car Challenge the last several years and have been winning! I was today, and have been in the past, very impressed with this group of students. They work hard, have a well-organized team, and are always planning to make things better.

It seems a little unusual that a team from Houston, Mississippi would have such capabilities, and such a record of success, but it simply shows that we truly do have some excellent students and teachers in Mississippi. Granted, not all schools are like this, but it is nice to see a bright spot here and there. Previous competitions have also proven that the community is behind this team.


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Today General Robert H. "Doc" Foglesong was inaugurated as the 18th president of Mississippi State University. I was tapped a few days ago to head up ushers for the event and was pleased with the response I got from the faculty I contacted.

The inauguration was also one of the best I've seen. This was dignified and the focus remained on the University. Several dignitaries, including Mississippi's governor, Haley Barbour, and Lt. Governor, Amy Tuck were present and gave some remarks. Bob Wolverton, President of the Faculty Senate also gave a very nice talk. The inauguration was fairly short but did not seem to sacrifice anything in the process.

The reception that followed was equally nice. It was not nearly as formal and drawn as the previous administration's event--this one seemed to hit the mark spot on. The newly inaugurated President also performed a few songs at the reception with his band Bark.

We had a very successful visit with teachers in the Mobile, Alabama area tonight. We invited some teachers, counselors, and administrators to a nice dinner at the Bienville Club and gave them some information on the Bagley College of Engineering and Mississippi State University. We were fortunate to have General Foglesong, MSU's President, go down with us. He made some remarks to the group and then I followed with a presentation on the college.

Our goal is to make sure teachers are aware of all that we have to offer in the Bagley College so that they can better help their students. Prospective engineering students can be influenced somewhat by colleges, but the people that have the most influence over them are the high school teachers they respect. So, while we do work with the students in other ways, tonight was an opportunity to influence the influencers.

The flight back was particularly interesting. General Foglesong shared his thoughts on several events and filled us in on his trip to Russia for the POW/MIA Commission he chairs. The conversation was very informative and fun. I am very happy to have a president who takes a sincere interest in our students and how to get them here. President Portera was always interested in students, and worked well with us when he was president. General Foglesong is picking up on that tradition again.

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