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It is amazing how two US Post Offices can differ. The Post Office that delivers mail to our house has delivered us mail but noted that we needed to make sure that senders of junk mail corrected our address. Our street has a "c" and a "k" in it which many people confuse. Regardless of whether "c's" or "k's" are used, it is virtually impossible to even remotely confuse it with another street in our town.

Our Post Office box is in a different Post Office. They often mail with incorrect addresses but get the mail to us. Yesterday we got our Presbyterians Today.

In the photo you can see the white area in the bottom left corner which is where the address is supposed to go. Apparently the printer got offset somehow and the only part of the address that can be seen is part of the zip code at the top and another part of the zip code at the bottom. We got it!

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