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I submitted the letter below to the Clarion Ledger tonight because I have had all I can handle with their incessant harping on the process used to hire MSU's latest president. I had some friends who engaged certain "celebrities" at the Clarion Ledger during the hiring process (although I elected to remain out of the debate then) and was privy to some of the email exchanges. I have no doubt that this was a personal issue with those "celebrities" who were denied what they think of as their rights.


Come on Clarion Ledger! Grow up! Get over it! Let it go! Quit acting like a bunch little bitty cry babies! I've had all I can take of the "fiasco" of Foglesong. You guys are simply upset because your reporters were in Jackson, outside the room where Foglesong was interviewed, and you missed it. Your crack reporters were not issued a press release and you missed it!

You admit, at every opportunity, that the decision to hire Foglesong was a good one, but you continue to complain about the process. What do you want, good results or good processes? Thankfully, we have people on the IHL Board who are more concerned with making a good selection than with making the Clarion Ledger happy with a process. If you don't like the secrecy then perhaps you could try some investigative reporting for a change! You need to adapt a new world, a world in which certain people can not admit they are looking for a new job without endangering their current position.

Further, the "fiasco" was all the making of the Clarion Ledger. It is common knowledge that had the process not been closed, Foglesong would not have been a candidate. So, let's put it terms even Clarion Ledger editors can understand: closed process equals doing what's best for Mississippi; open process equals making the Clarion Ledger happy but eliminates good candidates thereby giving Mississippi second best. Therefore, in the interest of Mississippi, I can only hope that IHL repeats the "fiasco". The IHL Board members are, after public servants, not Clarion Ledger servants.

Come on editors, let’s be big boys and girls about this--Grow up and move on! You're holding us back.

This was prompted by the 28 August editorial "College Board: Now, two searches at hand". I fail to see what the problem is with the two searches to be conducted anyway. First, there is no guarantee that Thames will not elect to remain at USM until a new president at Alcorn is found. Second, it is possible that a long-term interim will be appointed at Alcorn allowing time to find a replacement for USM's Thames. Finally, Alcorn and Southern are two different schools and will attract applicants from different pools. If consultants are used for these searches, and I'm certain they will be, then there is no reason why the IHL Board can not handle two simultaneous searches.

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Rice Is Under Fire as Mideast Peace Falters, by Neil King, Jr., Wall Street Journal, Friday, 25 August 2006, p. A4

Well Rice and Bush are surprise, under fire. When Israel attacked Hezbollah the world screamed for peace. Our European called for UN intervention. My own Presbyterian Church (USA) decried the attacks by Israel because of the harm that was being inflicted on the Lebanese people, revealing once again that Stated Clerk Clifton Kirkpatrick should keep his pen capped when it comes to international affairs. So, Bush and Rice went to the UN and brokered a peace deal.

Now that we have the peace deal, our European allies still are reluctant to provide the peace-keeping force (sound familiar?) and Rice and Bush are being criticized for not effecting a long-term solution in the Middle East. So, if you go to war to effect peace, you should declare peace. If on the other hand you declare peace, you should go to war.

I’m personally disappointed because I thought Israel was going to really cripple the terrorist Hezbollah organization once and for all. But alas, they were called down by the US. It seems to me that the US policy is inconsistent and that is what bothers me. Perhaps we changed to appease our friends in Europe but their reluctance to supply peace-keepers is perhaps an indication that we really should ignore them and do what we think is right.


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It is amazing how two US Post Offices can differ. The Post Office that delivers mail to our house has delivered us mail but noted that we needed to make sure that senders of junk mail corrected our address. Our street has a "c" and a "k" in it which many people confuse. Regardless of whether "c's" or "k's" are used, it is virtually impossible to even remotely confuse it with another street in our town.

Our Post Office box is in a different Post Office. They often mail with incorrect addresses but get the mail to us. Yesterday we got our Presbyterians Today.

In the photo you can see the white area in the bottom left corner which is where the address is supposed to go. Apparently the printer got offset somehow and the only part of the address that can be seen is part of the zip code at the top and another part of the zip code at the bottom. We got it!

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