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Today was a day off, of sorts. The NSPE Board of Directors of met which meant I didn’t have to. So, I worked some in the room in the morning and then I headed out to see the sites of Boston.

I took the T in and got on the Freedom Trail. I was a bit disappointed when I got to the shipyard only to find the USS Constitution closed for tours. I got some pictures and did go through the USS Cassin Young. That was interesting because I have reviewed many inspection reports of the Cassin Young but, until today, have never been aboard her.

The Bunker Hill monument was closed for repairs so I could see it from afar. I then wandered around and ran across the Bell in hand Tavern. According to the signs, the Bell in Hand is America’s oldest continuously operating tavern, having only closed during prohibition. I know I should have had a Samuel Adams but they had Guinness on draught so I had no choice. I enjoyed a Guinness and an appetizer of potato skins. It was very enjoyable.

I returned in time for the reception at the hotel, bought a birthday present for my wife but the other store I needed to go to was closed before I could get in. I’ll slip out of meetings in the morning after they open to get the final gift. If all goes well, I’ll be home about this time tomorrow but there is still Delta, ASA, Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport, and the weather in front of me.

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