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Dateline: Home Study

Tomorrow it is up early and off to Meridian Community College for a pre-professional day. I'm not sure what to expect but with luck I'll hit upon afew good students who are truly interested in and capable of doing engineering in college. At a fair last week in Memphis I actually had some one "not on the university track" wonder about engineering. It is always difficult handling those students becasue they have their hearts set on something but they will simply not be able to do it.

We generally do not get many engineeing students from the mMeridian Community College but I'll at least show the flag. Maybe the pay-off will be in the out years. It is a relatively short trip so it will not be too bad. I have to hurry back to work though and talk to our new faculty members in the afternoon.

Dateline: Home Study

Finally, 51 police workers in New Orleans have been fired according to today’s story in the Washington Post, and reported on several news channels yesterday. What took so long? Earlier fifteen officers resigned and some 228 are still under investigation for abandoning their posts. The article points out that some investigations have also exonerated officers who were stranded on rooftops or could not get to work. That’s fine, it’s the others who need to not only be fired but need to be taken to court. Our society can function unless public servants are held to higher standard than the average citizen. A police officer not reporting to work, just like a soldier not reporting for duty, is vastly different from a cashier not showing for the breakfast shift at Hardee’s.

Question is, do you have to actually not show up at the office to be fired? If not then Mayor Nagin (D) and Governor Blanco (D) should be fired too because, while they have been present at work, their leadership has certainly been AWOL.

Dateline: Home Study

The Washington Post reports today the Senate has passed a bill that requires the Inspector General to investigate the $237 million Carnival Cruise Lines ship deal. In the aftermath of Katrina, at a time when the news media and the public were screaming that the government was not doing enough to provide relief and that they were dragging their feet, the government entered into this deal. The three ships were to provide berthing for 7,100 people but it turned out that most emergency workers used the rooms.

If there was any impropriety involved then an investigation should certainly be conducted but there are a few things must be considered. First, you can reserve a room a ship. If you want the ship to stay at port and turn away cruise customers then you get the whole thing or nothing. Second, the need was immediate; there was not time to send a request for proposals and review bids. Third, the investigation of the actions of any official working in crisis must be conducted with caution lest you cause greater problems for the future crises. There is a very simple rule to be remembered here: if you want every “t” crossed and every “I” dotted, then you need to take time for review. If you want to handle a crisis then you sacrifice a few crossed “t”s in exchange for speed. In the end I suspect we will learn that even in spite of this deal, Carnival lost money compared to what it could have earned from cruises.

ABET Visit Complete

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Dateline: Home Study

Well the ABET visit is complete. The departments have worked for about the last year or so getting ready for this and today we passed a major milestone. The evaluators arrived Sunday afternoon and worked pretty much non-stop until this afternoon at which time they left to go home. We still ahve some work to do but everyone seems fairly pleased with the results so far. Pleased enough to have a nice get together after work to let off a little steam...okay, a lot of steam.


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Dateline: Home Study

I blogged my graduation from the US Naval War College back in June but did not have the pictures at the time. Well, I got the pictures but then never posted them so, here they are.

First I received my diploma from former Deputy of State Richard Armitage.


Then, after receiving my diploma, my wife catches me just as I am about to step off the stage.


The really nice thing about this was that part of the ceremony was formal and part was informal. When we went across the stage, the President encouraged family to come down front and take pictures and greet the graduates. Being a military organization the families were all respectful of the others and went down front just as their graduate was about to cross, and the nreturned to their seats as soon their gradaute came off the stage. It really made the day special (wish my daughter could have been there with me) and I wish we could do the same thing at MSU graduations. But of course there is one big difference...I did mention this was a military function didn't I.


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Dateline: Home Study

Got this from a friend today and it was too good to not post.


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