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Dateline: Home Office

Took wife and daughter to the circus tonight for wife's birthday. At a very early dinner at Outback then to the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. Yes, it was the greatest show on Earth.

First time for my wife to see the RBBB Circus but I saw a time or two when I was small. As a child I saw the three ring version, this was a one ring but was very entertaining. We had seats so close you could smell hte elephants. Of course the biggest kid in the place was my wife.

Dateline: Fairfield Inn Greensboro, NC

Arrived tonight in Greensboros for drill after another long trip. I left work later than planned (I always do) but had a meeting with someone interviewing for a faculty position. It was a nice meeting and the position is one of the more visible. Worth the delay.

Of course the delay meant hitting Atlanta traffic at the wrong time. I keep thinking that one day Atlanta will get this traffic thing figured out but they seem to do it. At least I don't live there and have to deal with it everyday. Lots of people on the road tonight for some reason. Lots of people who shouldn't be on the road tonight. I continue to be amazed at how many poor drivers there are and how they can block all lanes of traffic, and I'll not even start on the inconsiderate truck drivers out there. There are some nice ones but nothing like just a few years ago.

During the drive I did have some time to think, listen to the news, and catch some talk radio. Bill O'Reilly was really down on the Brits for being anti-American based on editorials in British papers. I think he's just plain wrong. If editorials were reflective of the people's thinking and feelings, then the New York Times would have Al Gore in his second term as President.

While at the Current Strategy Forum at the Naval ar College, a German militarry person was asked, in effect, why weren't the Germans more supportive of America. After talking for a while, he finally made the point that there is a difference between the German government and the German people. Hmmm, just like in America. Perhaps just like in Great Britain? Yea, I think so.

Put some more thought into the Leadership Academy. More on it later.


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Dateline: Home Office

I read today that Putin was to speak to the IOC via videotape i hopes of being selected to host the 2012 Olympics...in English! I don't know how many people picked up on that but it seems pretty big to me. Perhaps this is a sign that the former USSR really is interested in becoming more of a player in work events. Can you imagine a Soviet speaking in public during the USSR times? I can't.

Dateline: Home Office

Reuters reports that a Russian astrologist, Marina Bai, plans to sue NASA for $300 million because crashing Deep Impact into the comet Tempel 1 altered her horoscope and interferes with her astrology work. Heavens (pun intended), this lady is so bad at horoscopes that she failed to "see in the stars" that this comet was about to be hit. Now that's what I call some fine predicting.

Perhaps a little more newpaper gazing and a little less star gazing are in order.


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Dateline: Home Study

Our minister is on a sabbatical for the next few weeks so we are being graced with some guests in the pulpit; some are lay, some are professional, all are good. Today was especially nice because our former minister was preaching. He left about 10 years ago for another church and recently retired—moving back here when he did. Today was a special day.

His sermon today was on summer and all we had to be thankful for. It was one of his “let your mind wander” sermons as he reminisced about what summer meant to him. Perhaps my daughter summed it best when she said the weird thing about having him preach was that it wasn’t weird at all. He certainly brought some fond memories of some good times, including the best Vacation Bible School I’ve ever attended. A long time ago we did a week-long inter-generational VBS on Moses. I enjoyed it as an adult and the children enjoyed it as well. We old-timers still talk about it.


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Dateline: Home Study

Much of today was spent upgrading an old computer. My wife has grown increasingly more frustrated with her aging iMac so I decided to go ahead and upgrade an old Dell P-4 I have sitting around. Okay, and I was also tired of the old sitting around. To make life easier I just reformatted the hard drive and did a clean install of Windows XP Pro followed by all the service packs and updates. I then installed Office XP, Norton Firewall and Anti-Virus, and Eudora. I did the light version of Eudora for her since she is not a power email user. I started to go ahead and convert her to Outlook for email but I like (and use) Eudora so much and she is familiar with it, that I just had to stick with the program.

All in all it was not a difficult process. It was a bit time consuming and hence one of the reason I upgrade my hardware a while back. For what she does though it will work fine. Now, I just have find a solitaire game that she will like (not sure the built-in version is good enough for her).


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Dateline: Home Study

I spent some time today working out a budget for a new center dealing with engineering and public policy issues. Quite an experience. We have some really good plans if we can only get the money to put them in action.

I also spent a little time thinking about an Op-Ed I've been asked to write. I have some ideas and they are coming together so maybe I can sit down and write some over the weekend.

Today I received an invitation to a change of command ceremony of a friend and truly regret that I'll be out of the country and not able to attend. That really bites big time becasue is one CoC I would really like to go to. The is a former RESCEN CO of mine who I spent a lot of time with on drill weekends. They have a roast planned for him and I know that will be a lot of fun.

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