Limitied Connectivity

Have spent the last several hours on the phone with my ISP tech support. I've been having DSL connectivity problems the last several weeks and the level of frustration hit me tonight and prompted the call. First you have to work through the troubleshooting which you've already done and going through it again is always frustrating. Fortunately the tech realized I seemed to know what I was doing and when I told I had already tried something he believed me.

We finally narrowed it down to a line problem somewhere so BellSouth will be out before Thursday night to check the line from the house. Before BellSouth tested the line I was at least getting some connectivity every now and then. After the test I was getting noting. I tried to power cycle one more time and then the modem crapped out on me. LEDs flashing everywhere. So, I also have a new modem on he way.

Right now I am limited to dial-up and I hate it. Life without broadband is not worth much but I hope to be back up to speed soon.

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