And She's Off

My daughter left for El Salvador this morning on a church mission trip. She is going as part of a team to conduct site surveys for possible water treatment systems. She and my wife were teary when she left. I'm too excited for her to be teary. I do worry about her, very much, but the opportunity to travel like this and do this kind of work at her age is amazing. I'm hoping it will help settle her down academically and give her focus. She has great potential if I could only get her to realize it.

I tried to help her prepare for the trip but she inherited my stubbornness. She wants to do everything herself and learn on her own. I can't say I blame her but I would rather she learn new things that I've not learned rather than re-learn from the mistakes I've made.

She wanted an mps player to take with her, her old is now too small and not compatabile with her new computer, but alas none were to be had this time year. Seems they were more popular than the press reported for I've not found one anywhere, even on-line, with a reasonable delivery date. Perhaps for her birthday.

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