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Responsible Giving?

Presbyterians Today arrrived in my mailbox and my blood pressure rose shortly thereafter. This issue is focued on investing with an eye towards social responsibility. Nice article but extremely left. Of course anyone doing business is bad, anyone who works for war is bad, we all need to make the workld one big happy place where, in the words of Rodney Knog, we just all get along.

The article listed some investment options but left off the most important one--US Savings Bonds. They are safe, decent return, insured, and most of all, they support the United States Government and its military which is the only organization willing to try to fix things in the Middle East. If you want to move closer to peace, invest in the US.

And the South is Supposed to be Racist?

It seems the southern part of the United States is owed an apology. Apparently the real racists live in the North, in Madison, WI to be exact. Some nit wit by the name of "Sly" apparently thinks it funny to call Condoleezza Rice "Aunt Jemimah". A news article on this absurdity is here.

Reading Sly's Bio, it is obvious that is a loud-mouthed troublemaker who is apparently one of those Democrats who continues to divide the country. As the article states, he also referred to Colin Powell as "Uncle Tom". First it is sad that there are such ignorant people still around after all of these years; second that they are "up North"; third that he still has a job at the radio station; and fourth that the station management lacks the courage to do what is right and fire this guy's racist butt.

It seems the Mayor and Senator Feingold have rejected the statements yet the NAACP can not yet comment until they hear the comments in their entirety. Give me a break? The NAACP can't comment on a black female being called Aunt Jemimah!? Had Bubba from Alabama made the statement I have no doubt the NAACP would have had an immediate comment.

What has happened to leaders in today's society? Granted most of them are in Iraq at the moment but surely there are a few left who can fill the leadership vacuum at WTDY in Madison, WI.

It appears from news reprots that President Bush will nominate Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State. Personally I'm a big fan of Condi's and think she will make an excellent SecState. But I will watch with interest to see how the PC(USA) reacts.

Way back in the election of 2000, it was made public that Condi was a memebr of the PC(USA) although to read official PCUSA pubs you'd never know it. I've wrriten Presbyterians Today, the flagship PC(USA) pub, and been told that it is just too difficult to get an interview with her. Over the last four years, they've never been able to get an interview with her! Well, with all the overtures against Israel and fighting over homosexual ordination, I can wee why.

What concerns me most is that Condi could be a great asset to attract new members to the church. Our outrageously liberal leadership in Louisville, KY claim to be concerned that we do not have many African-American members. They claim that as Christians we should take action to seek social reform. But when presented with an African-American female committed to social reform who is a Christian and a member of the Presbyterian Church, they seem to be blind.

The truth is, and I would love my friend Vernon Broyles to counter, the PC(USA) is afraid and/or embarassed to admit that the PC(USA) can have an African-American female as a member who is both conservtive and Republican. It has to be a complete embarrassemtn to the likes of the left-leaning stated clerk Clifton Kirkpatrick that Condi is having a greater impact on the world than he is.

I love it. Condi is making the world safer for all of us. The PC(USA) is making the world safer for terrorist. Condi is interested in getting peace in the Middle East, the PC(USA) is interested in giving the ranch away to the Palestinians and sticking it to the Israelies at the same time. Condi is practicing Christianity, Kirkpatrick and Broyles are practicing liberalism. Yes, I know that is strong, but if Vern can essentially question my Christianity because I voted for Bush, I can question his because he is a liberal.

These are happy days for me. It looks like Condi will be Secretary of State and the PC(USA) will be spinning up the propoganda machine to ignore, or possibily even refute, the fact that she is a Presbyterian. Once again, I'll wait for the Layman to come out with the story.

I recevied the latest issue of Presbyterians Today this morning and had to see what the leftist Veronon Broyles had to say. I must admit, he did not disappoint. Broyles writes a regular column for the magazine called The Church in Society. However, he seems only able to discuss politics making me wish he would rename it The Church in Politics, or be completely honest and title it Reasons Why Bush and America are Wrong and Vernon Broyles is Right. I've emailed the man before and he is unwilling to listen to reason and seems a little on the cocky side (coming from me, that says a lot!)

This month's column whines about the Are you safer now than you were before 9-11? question. Broyles pretens to give the pro and con arguments of the question and does neither side justice. He also never answers the question. By the way Vern, Yes, I do feel safer today thanks to the efforts of Gerogre W. Bush and our Soldiers, Sailors (of which I am one), Marines, and Airmen. i might add I feel safer in spite of all my church has done to undermine our country's President and the war of terrorism.

Broyles does make a good argument, namely that the question should be are we afraid of dying and are we confident in our faith but his liberalsim even gets in the way of this argument. He states "No president, no military force, no intelligence system can save us from any of these. In the final analysis, our only hope is our confidence in the God who made us, the Christ who redeemed us from death, and the Holy Spirit who is present to comfort us." He is absolutely right but what does the "Do you feel safer" question have to do with this argument? I am confident in my faith and am not afraid of dying, however, I still wear my seatbelt, I do not juggle with sharp knives, and I still look both ways before I cross a street. Is Broyles tryingto say we should not be fighting the war of terrorism? Given his other articles, I think he is.

I love the Presbyterian Church, I really do, but each day I give thanks that our country has leadership willing to make the tought choices and do the hard things; something the leadership of the PC(USA) is not willing to do.

Eleven states in this wonderful country have overwhelmingly vote to ban gay marriage. Even in the outrageously liberal Oregon the measure passed. So, I predict that it is only a matter of time before the PCUSA, specifically the left-wing radical Vernon Broyles, comes out with publications telling Americans that they are godless for voting in such a way.

The PCUSA and its liberal leadership seem incapable of accepting that to many Americans, including their members, morals matter. It is not about being politically correct, it is about voting you conscience. Unless there is a change in leadership in Louisville, the loss of members will continue.

Do Dems Care About the Popular Vote?

In 2000 the mantra of the Democrats was that Gore won the popular vote and threfore Bush was an illegitimate president. Well now it looks like Bush is a clear winner of the popular vote but Kerry and his gang are willing to fight for every last electoral vote in hopes that they can have an illegimate president. Not only is Kerry a filp-flopper, it seems the national Democratic party is as well.

Bush Wins Ohio

Fox News just said Bush wins Ohio and not long ago gave him Florida. looks like the Democrats are going to lose and America may well have been spared four years of Kerry and the billionairess. Could it be that Americans actually care about principles?

Now, let the legal filings begin. I find it interestig that I recevied email several weeks ago from Democrats asking for money to fund the legal challenge to the election. It was many days after I received this funding request that I got word from the Republicans asking for money to support the defense.

And Florida? Well, they still can't get their act together in the southern part of the state. I believe the election commission there is democratically controlled which means,according to Democrats, that this is all the fault of Jeb Bush. Go figure?


Go vote! If have already, thanks. If you have not, get to the polls. I heard some youngster the other day refer to her God-given right to vote on the television. I wish I had been to there to correct her. Her right to vote is due to the fact that men and women in this country have given their lives for that right. I think God certainly played a role in that fight but if voting were a God-given right, our armed forces would not be in Iraq fighting for the Iraqi's right to a legitimate vote.

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