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Read, Think, Write, and Publish–But be Prepared for the Conequences

“Read, Think, Write, and Publish’ by Admiral Jim Stavridis, U.S. Navy, US Naval Institute Proceedings, August 2008, pp.16-19. In the August 2008 issue of Proceedings, Admiral Jim Stavridis, USN, Commander of US Southern Command makes a compelling case for military officers, actually military members, to air their ideas. In his article entitled “Read, Think, Write, ...
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Candidates for Moderator of PC(USA)

It appears we now have four candidates for moderator of the PC(USA). They are: Willaim “Bill” Caleb Teng ( Roger Shoemaker ( Carl Mazza ( Bruce Reyes-Chow ( I do not get a vote so my opinion does not really matter much and I’m not sure who I would vote for if I could vote. ...
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I remember a few years ago speaking with my then Presbyterian minister about the differences of the denominations in how we recite the Lord’s Prayer. Many ask to be forgiven of their “trespasses” but we Presbyterians ask to be forgiven for our “debts”. Yes, of course I realize they are the same but I found, ...
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