What I Travel With

It seems a lot of people are talking about what they take with them when they travel. And I admit it is a section of the Delta Sky Magazine I look at while sitting on a plane. So, bandwagon here I come, here is what I always travel with.

iPhone. I would never leave it. I am still on the iPhone 4S but plan to upgrade to the 6 (or whatever they call it) when it comes out.

iPad. This has almost, but not quite become my laptop replacement on travel. I use it for email, Twitter, taking notes (I’m a huge fan of Evernote), and usually for any talks I have to give. I want to make the shift to using it for my PowerPoint.

I also have, and love, my ZAGGkeys Proplus keyboard for the iPad. It is east to carry and really makes email and note-taking much easier.

ZAGGsparq 6000. I never know where I might run out of juice so I always have my ZAGGsparq to help me out. Because it has two ports on it, I always plug it into the wall in the hotel and then can charge my iPad and iPhone from the same outlet. Given how sparse outlets are in some hotels, this is a big help.

My StarBucks travel mug. I bought the current one several years ago while on trip to Pittsburgh. It fits in a pocket on my Bum Backpack computer bag so I always have it ready.

Bose QC3 Headphones. These are a lifesaver on noisy planes. They do not cancel all of the noise but have found they cancel much of it and I have fewer headaches at the end of a travel day. As soon as someone comes up with some that cancel the sounds of the screaming baby that always sits behind me, I’ll buy those.

Sometimes I travel with my Kindle but not as often as I used to. I still love my Kindle (I have the Kindle Paperwhite 3G) but for travel have found my iPad with the Kindle App works well. Admittedly the iPad is a bit heavy to hold while lying in bed reading but it does, in my opinion, a better job of handling magazines and newspapers. However, if I am planning on spending time outside reading then I definitely take the Kindle.

Given I still access to some files that I have on my laptop, and sometimes need to do longer, more difficult work than I like to do on my iPad, I still take my Dell XPS L502X laptop with me.

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