Computers! I Hate Computers!

The more I work with and use computers, the more convinced I become that all come with a gremlin.

I arrived at CWID today and we attempted to connect my computer to the unclassified network so that I could do the reports I usually have to do. It worked fine when I left the room this morning, and it worked fine when I left work earlier this week; but it did not work when I connected to the unclass net. We tried everything we could and had no joy.

The crack technician Charles, who said he wanted to be mentioned in the blog, tracked down a few issues, found that DHCP was not running on the network (by design) and I needed a dedicated IP address. He assigned that address and still, no joy. I had booted and rebooted, and rebooted and still couldn’t get it to work. Finally, I decided to try the good ole power down and start from scratch. It worked!

The good news is that more senior folks are coming in next week and will have the same issue. Now we know what to do. Thanks, Charles!

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