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Intellectual Dishonesty

Those who know me well, know certain things about me know certain things. First, I tend to think, and think a lot, sometimes too much, oftentimes I tend to overthink. I don’t like when I find things are not in agreement and try to find agreement. I value education. I value honesty. I value frankness. ...

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Apple’s AirPods Are Great for the Office

A few months ago, I broke down and bought a pair of Apple’s AirPods. Previously I had been using my Bose QC35 headphones which are great but, at work, they are bit awkward. On the plane the QC35’s are great at blocking the noise as well as making a rather overt statement that “I am ...

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Writing Overtures for General Assembly

I had the opportunity to read many overtures at the PC(USA) 223rdGeneral Assembly and to discuss several in committee. I noticed some things that I think will help future writers of overtures do a more effective job which will result in the overture being approved perhaps with little to no modification. First, keep your initial ...

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